Discovery Phase

  • Discovering one’s (im)possibilities through trial & error.
  • Natural development: ‘learn football by playing football.’
  • No ‘coaching’ but organising fun football exercises.
  • Replicating the ‘street / park football ’ environment of the past.
  • Emphasis on building a love for the game.

Skill Acquisition Phase

  • In the Skill Acquisition Phase the coach must focus exclusively on providing a solid foundation of technical skills.
  • If the player does not gain this skill foundation during this phase it will be very difficult to make it up later.
  • No amount of fitness or competitive spirit will ever compensate for deficiencies in functional game skills.

Game Training Phase

  • Preparing players for competitive football by teaching them to apply the functional game skills in a team setting.
  • Developing tactical awareness, perception and decision-making through a game-related approach to training.

Performance Phase

  • Preparing teams for a competition environment where winning becomes the main aim.
  • Training to focus on solving football problems based on match analysis.
  • Football Conditioning becomes a key part of the program