• 21/09/2019

    Monsoon Cup Sportlead Chembur

  • TBA

    Parents Football Tournament

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    Mumbai City FC ISL Match Visit

  • 21/09/2019

    Monsoon Cup Sportlead Chembur

  • TBA

    Parents Football Tournament

  • TBA

    Mumbai City FC ISL Match Visit


Anand Radhakrishnan

CEO & Founder

Anand holds a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing and has a combined experience of about 20 years in Sales, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about using sports as a tool to engage and empower communities. Though, as a child cricket was his favourite sport, Football is his new found love. At Sportlead, he is chiefly responsible for providing an amazing experience to every individual playing the game at the Grass root level. He loves to play sport and compete intensely for the fun of it!

Rajkumar Ashappa

Manager, Operations & Technical Head

Raj is an F.A. Level 2 Licensed Coach and has been coaching for the past 9 years. He is also the Head Coach of Mumbai Warriors Soccer Club which plays in MDFA Super Division. His first and only love has always been football. He has coached all age groups from 3 years to adults in the senior team. Raj aims to promote Football in the country and improve the Grass root Football culture in India.

Ashwin Balasubramanian

Manager, Operations

Ashwin holds an Engineering degree and a Post graduate diploma in Sports Management. He is a passionate and keen follower of sports, a massive Football fan and huge follower of all things football. Hobbies include playing recreational football and watching football matches (Indian Football & European Football).


"Kiarra started football training 2 years ago at the age of 5. The encouraging and motivating spirit at Sportlead has helped her learn the basic skills of the sport and helped us raise a confident and happy child!""

Neha Savla – Digital Marketer

Mother of Kiarra

"Yahya has shown great improvement after joining Sportlead. He is eager and excited to come to the training sessions. He is working hard and enjoying football with his talented and caring coaches."

Sabina Shaikh – Housewife

Mother of Yahya

"It was under Head Coach Rajkumar that my son Burhanuddin has made it to the Maharashtra Football team. Raj Sir is versatile and professional in his approach and provides personal attention to each child. My son has come a long way from the grassroot level and many thanks to Raj Sir and Sportlead."

Inshiya Anverali – Special Educator

Mother of Burhanuddin

"Vihaan eagerly looks forward to his football sessions at Sportlead. The curriculum is fun, full of learning and is customized for each age group. The sport has increased his confidence and focus."

Mayur Jadhav – Propreitor, Inmobilease Financial Services

Father of Vihaan

"Raahi loves to attend football training sessions at Sportlead. He has developed a deep interest for the sport and got immense competitive exposure thanks to the young and passionate coaches."

Bindu Madhu – Designer

Mother of Raahi

"My son and daughter enjoy learning football at Sportlead. It’s a perfect mix of fun, skills and competition. They had a great time bringing along their friends for the Buddy Day event."

Sudarshan Karnavat – Director, Atzos Ventures

Father of Trisha and Tanay